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Memphis Title Lawyer

Title insurance companies rely on our Tennessee real estate lawyers’ years of experience, our depth of knowledge and attention to our clients’ concerns. With these values, we have built our reputation for effectiveness in title defense and curative actions.

Title Curative Matters, Title Disputes And Title Insurance Defense

Contact our Memphis real estate law firm for counsel and representation in real estate and title claims litigation. We work to protect lenders, developers and insurers in due diligence and conflict resolution, addressing the following issues as needed:

  • Determination of ownership of a real property
  • Verification of validity and priority of liens
  • Resolution of easement and access disputes
  • Confirmation of title insurance coverage
  • Satisfaction of mechanics’ liens
  • Foreclosure litigation
  • Eminent domain defense
  • Condemnation defense

In addition, we assist clients in curative actions, including:

  • Finding defects in real estate records, including titles
  • Tracing title documents with defects
  • Detecting errors in probate records
  • Taking corrective actions such as litigation of reformation lawsuits and pursuing those actions to completion
  • Seeking administrative modifications to applicable government records

Collierville, Millington, Bartlett Title Insurance Defense Attorneys · Contact Us

In all type of title disputes, our attorneys have substantial experience and demonstrated knowledge in representing lending institutions, title insurers, developers and real estate purchasers. Contact one of our Memphis title attorneys by phone at 901-201-5078 (or toll-free 800-335-9613) or by email to discuss your needs. Your priorities are ours. We understand the need for prompt action on urgent matters.