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Fighting For The Excess Proceeds Of A Tax Sale

After losing your home or any other real property to a tax sale, the resulting sale proceeds can exceed the amount of property taxes the government sought to collect. Often, this is a large sum of money that you have the right to ask the court to give you as the previous property owner. Your best chance at a successful claim is to retain experienced legal counsel. The real estate attorneys of Crislip, Philip & Royal, can help you file your claim and represent you in court.

Though the overage may be held for several years after your property was sold at auction, it is up to you to take the steps necessary to claim it. Your first step is to contact Crislip, Philip & Royal. We will prepare the paperwork for you and make sure it is filed with the court properly. The amount you recoup may be substantial, and help you pay for new housing.

What Is The Claim Process?

In Tennessee, if there are excess proceeds following your property’s sale at auction, you may file a Motion to Claim Excess Proceeds to claim it. You are responsible for any associated court costs, and you must serve copies of the motion to all interested parties.

Once it receives your motion, the court will schedule a hearing before the chancellor. If there are no objections or other complications, the chancellor will enter an order allowing you to claim the overage.

Start The Claims Process With A Phone Call

Your property may be lost to a tax dispute, but excess proceeds from the sale can help you get a fresh start. Call 901-201-5078 or toll-free 800-335-9613 to schedule an appointment at our Memphis office.