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Memphis Collections/Repossessions Attorney

Memphis, Collierville, Cordova Repossessions · Attorneys Ensure Post-Judgment Collections

Crislip, Philip & Royal
provides attentive, efficient legal services across the state of Tennessee in collection matters. Three lawyers, each with a wealth of experience, make sure to get to know clients by name and complete required collections efficiently and in compliance with the letter of the law.

Our clients include businesses, banks, leasing companies, lenders and individuals. We can handle collections on either a contingency basis or at an hourly rate depending on your case’s unique set of circumstances. If we handle collections for our clients on a contingency basis, the costs and expenses are advanced by the client. Attorneys’ fees are due when and if we successfully collect goods or money owed to our clients.

Tennessee Law Firm Handling Collections, Repossession And Replevins

We handle the recovery of personal property, including semi-tractors and trailers, farm equipment, automobiles, equipment inventory of all kinds, and household furniture. If you have a right to possession of an item which someone else has and he or she refuses to surrender it, we can help you file a replevin (possessory) lawsuit to recover the property. There are several different methods for proceeding with replevins. Call us and one of our Memphis collections attorneys will explain how we can help you through the process.

Corporate clients, as well as small business owners, look to our Memphis collections attorneys to safeguard creditor rights in bankruptcy, recover assets in secured and nonsecured lending circumstances and ensure prompt repossessions of goods as well as financial resources.

Call 901-201-5078 (or toll-free 800-335-9613) or email the law offices to schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience regarding collections, repossessions and replevins.