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Memphis Creditors’ Rights Attorney

One of the most active service sectors of Crislip, Philip & Royal, in Memphis is creditor representation across the state of Tennessee. On behalf of creditors both large and small, we handle litigation, enrolling and collecting on foreign judgments issued by other jurisdictions, foreclosures, evictions, bankruptcies, R.E.O. closings, replevins and commercial leases throughout Tennessee.

Companies in need of debt collection in connection with secured lending are welcome to contact us by phone or email. We are ready to handle one problem account or hundreds at a time.

Once a judgment is obtained, the next step is collection of the judgment. Taking quick action and having flexibility in all modes of collection work in a creditor’s favor. Crislip, Philip & Royal, has made a name for itself in creditors’ rights through careful analysis of debtors’ assets and prompt repossessions, levies, garnishments and writs of attachment.

We Use The Full Range Of Collection Techniques To Get Our Clients Paid

Many creditors’ rights law firms are eager to handle collections involving bank accounts and paychecks. Crislip, Philip & Royal, on the other hand, employs a full range of effective collection techniques. For this reason, creditors, as well as other law firms, look to us to bring about collection of secured collateral and other varieties of personal property. Rental and leasing companies look to us to retrieve cars in a timely manner. Our law firm ensures that repossessions take place legally and efficiently.

A debtor declaring bankruptcy can complicate a creditor’s efforts to recoup their rightful money. Our attorneys are thoroughly familiar with the bankruptcy code’s rules and procedures. We will go to bankruptcy court to represent your interests and work to preserve your financial rights.

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Contact our Memphis creditor rights attorneys at 901-201-5078 (or toll-free 800-335-9613) or by email to discuss your company’s needs related to post-judgment collections, including collection of foreign judgments originating outside of Tennessee.