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Securing Loans Under The Law

If you are a corporate employee in charge of making loans secured by any form of collateral, a business owner engaged in lending or an individual making loans for personal or business purposes, it is important that you have an attorney that knows how to make certain that your loan is legal and properly secured.

The attorneys at Crislip, Philip & Royal know how to insure that your money is secure and any agreements made in connection with your loan will be legally enforceable in the event that you are forced to seek collection of the debt. Crislip, Philip & Royal has the capability to draft any documents necessary to a lending transaction secured by either personal or real property. Specifically, we can produce the promissory note, guaranty agreements, deed or trust, UCC Financing Statement and any other documents that are germane to your transaction. In addition, we can provide guidance that comes from a wealth of experience in representing banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, servicing companies, personal property lenders, investors, deferred presentment and payday loan businesses and individuals.

Our experience allows us to advise you at the outset on how to avoid common legal pitfalls associated with your particular line of business. In the event that your loan fails to perform, the attorneys and staff of Crislip, Philip & Royal can provide all legal services necessary to enforce your agreement. Whether it is filing the proper lawsuit to repossess your secured personal property, conducting a foreclosure sale or pursuing collection on a monetary judgment, we can handle every aspect of the process.