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How Can We Help You?

Your choice of a legal team is highly personal and should be made with a great deal of thought. As you choose your attorney, you should consider their areas of practice, the extent of their knowledge and experience and their capacity to care for you in the way you want. Crislip, Philip & Royal welcomes the opportunity to provide direction, guidance, assistance and knowledgeable representation to Tennessee clients seeking quality legal counsel.

Our firm finds answers to a wide range of legal issues. We work collaboratively and with a strong emphasis on personalized care and problem-solving. Contact our office to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help resolve your issues.

Our Firm Offers An Experienced And Calm Approach To Our Practice Areas

Our small but very well-equipped law firm offers clients the benefit of our sizable experience and dedication to the law. As a part of our commitment to quality legal services and effective solutions, we practice in a number of different legal areas. The list below reflects many of our current services:

  • Estate planning and long-term care: If you wonder if you are due for a review of your fundamental estate planning documents, you probably are. Have you recently moved to Tennessee or experienced a change in your family’s structure? After a marriage or divorce, birth or death of a loved one, or startup or dissolution of a business, talk to one of our Tennessee estate planning lawyers. Our Tennessee lawyers also help families settle estates in a timely manner.
  • Real estate and land dispute solutions: We represent lending institutions, insurers and commercial buyers in a range of real estate transactions and disputes. From purchasing property to commercial and residential leasing, our firm offers creative and reliable legal solutions.
  • Representation for creditors: In good faith, many creditors provide customers with valuable goods and services. Crislip, Philip & Royal aims to protect creditors’ rights and best interests. Our services include reviewing current lending contracts, ensuring debtors fulfill their obligations and, when necessary, providing bankruptcy services to creditors.
  • Business law: We pave the way for successful business transactions, such as business entity selection, as well as represent clients in business litigation.

Our firm works with you and your individual circumstances to find the best possible scenario. As your attorneys, we help you evaluate your possible courses of action to determine how to proceed. Our services are comprehensive and are available from initial filings to case completion. Our firm also provides limited services to individuals seeking family law assistance.

Schedule An Appointment

Contact our law offices at your convenience to discuss your legal concerns, goals and objectives with a Tennessee lawyer. You can reach our firm by calling 901-201-5078.