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Experienced, Comprehensive Real Estate Lawyers

Crislip, Philip & Royal, provides Memphis-area residents with trustworthy legal services in a variety of real estate matters. Thoroughness and timeliness matter a great deal to our clients who have important real estate transactions pending. They rely on us to accurately and promptly review and/or prepare documents, as well as communicate with the appropriate lenders, real estate agents, buyers, sellers, tenants or landlords. We educate our clients every step of the way in their real estate matters. We help property owners resolve title claims and property disputes and represent numerous title insurance companies in title curative actions and title insurance defense. In addition, we act as closing agents for First American Title Insurance Company and represent First American and Old Republic Title Insurance Company in title insurance claims.

For knowledgeable, efficient guidance in the following real estate matters, call or email Crislip, Philip & Royal, to schedule a consultation:

  • Purchase or sale: We can review and draft buy-sell agreements and related documents involved in the purchase or sale of a residence or business.
  • Refinance: We can review the terms and advise you regarding potential refinance.
  • Closing services: We prepare and review relevant paperwork with great attention to detail and protection of our clients’ best interests.
  • Commercial and residential leasing: We can draft, review, revise and/or negotiate signing a lease for residential, business or commercial purposes.
  • Land use and zoning: Clients rely on us as they are planning how to use or develop a tract of land and how to interact as needed with local government agencies.
  • Residential disclosure form: We ensure that a seller’s disclosure of known defects about the property is correctly completed.

Memphis Landlord/Tenant Attorneys


Our clients seek an experienced attorney who has familiarity with the Tennessee Residential Landlord Tenant Law and its specifications of what should be included in or maybe excluded from, a lease at the discretion of the parties. We aim to protect our clients’ rights, whether they are landlords or tenants, in both residential and commercial leases.


On behalf of our property owner clients, we bring lawsuits to recover possession of real property, which sometimes include claims for back rent and damages. We ensure that a written notice to vacate, if required, is prepared and delivered according to law at the commencement of an eviction. After obtaining a judgment for possession from the court, we can file writs of possession to accomplish a tenant’s compliance with an eviction notice.


We represent mortgage lenders in foreclosures across the state of Tennessee, delivering the following services according to law and in a timely manner:

  • Title exams: We establish our clients’ position and authority to foreclose while looking for other liens of record to identify parties that may need to be notified of the foreclosure.
  • Substitute of Trustee (SOT): Lawyers at the firm may act as trustees for handling the sale.
  • Publication: We arrange and prepare for the publication of a foreclosure in a newspaper of general circulation for three (3) consecutive weeks.
  • The sale: We attend and handle the sale, following the client’s specific instructions.
  • Trustee’s deed: We document conveyance of title to the property to the successful bidder at the foreclosure sale.
  • Tenant notice: We properly notify any tenant occupying the property of the need to vacate.

Serving Memphis-Area Communities Including Bartlett — Land Use Zoning Attorney, Landlord/Tenant Lawyer

Title claims and property disputes may affect your ownership or use of real property. This may require the filing of a lawsuit if you are unable to amicably resolve the problem. We are prepared to act appropriately in pursuit of your goals.

Knowledgeable Memphis real estate attorneys at Crislip, Philip & Royal, facilitate smooth transactions for our clients while exercising the necessary due diligence to ensure protection of their rights in all phases of a real estate transaction or dispute resolution. To schedule a consultation, call 901-201-5078 or toll-free 800-335-9613, or email our Memphis law firm.