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What happens if a family member tries to delay probate?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2024 | Probate |

Some of the many complications that can arise after the death of a loved one are those related to what happens to the property of the deceased. The process of distributing assets and settling remaining affairs associated with a Tennessee estate is called probate, and it can be a long and complex endeavor. It can be especially complicated when a family member tries to delay or stop the process. 

Selfish behavior can impact the entire family 

Assets cannot be distributed from an estate until the probate process is complete. One family is facing complications as one of the beneficiaries of an estate wants the process to move forward so that he or she can receive the rightful inheritance, while the other will not allow the appropriate papers to be filed. Any further delays could result in legal penalties for this family. 

Probate can be a legally complex process, especially when there are difficulties with loved ones, and it may be necessary to have the guidance and support of an attorney. Failure to file for probate within a timely manner could result in costly fines for a family. An attorney can provide practical and legal support during a time of grief and transition for a Tennessee family.  

Navigating this process 

It is beneficial for a Tennessee family to have the support of an experienced attorney from the earliest stages of the probate process. It might be helpful to seek an assessment of the specific situation to better understand what legal steps are necessary to initiate and effectively navigate the probate process.