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Preparing to sell a home in the first half of 2024

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2024 | Real estate transactions |

Deciding to buy or sell residential property is a major decision that can have significant consequences for all involved. Both buyers and sellers in Tennessee will find that they benefit from taking steps to protect their interests and prevent unexpected losses and complications. If a homeowner is considering listing his or her home on the market, there are things he or she can do to improve the chance of success and make the entire transaction smoother.

Important and useful steps for potential sellers

When selling a home, the owner will benefit from focusing on more than listing the property for sale on the market. While it is important to get an appropriate price for a house, a seller may find it helpful to do things that add value to the home, even before the listing goes public. These things include:

  • Enhance curb appeal by doing landscaping, adding shrubs and bushes, and doing a fresh coat of paint, if needed.
  • Clean the home thoroughly, decluttering and making the space more appealing to buyers.
  • Do repairs before listing the home as this could help speed up the selling process and save money.

These are all things that may be useful for someone who is preparing to list a home and seek the best price from the sale.

Legal advice is important

It is helpful to have legal guidance when navigating the potentially difficult process of selling a home. An assessment of one’s goals may reveal the specific options available to him or her. Before listing a home, considering a contract or making an important decision, it may be helpful to seek the insight of an experienced Tennessee attorney.