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Protect interests when buying a home as an unmarried couple 

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2023 | Real estate transactions |

The purchase of a new home is a major legal and financial decision. Moving forward with this process is an exciting step for new Tennessee homeowners, but it is also one to take only after giving it careful consideration and thought. It is particularly important for unmarried couples to be smart with their choices as they could be exposed to risks that may not be the same for married couples buying a home. 

Ask the hard questions

Even a strong couple could face some complications when purchasing a home if they are unmarried. For example, how the home is titled is important as this could affect what happens if one partner dies. It is also important for a couple to discuss finances before they move forward, including how they will share expenses for the home. 

It may also be prudent for a couple to consider a legal agreement that will protect their interests while cohabitating. This agreement will allow them to decide what will happen to the home and items in the home in case they break up. It is also beneficial to plan for contingencies, even if they do not expect them to happen. 

Protecting interests is key 

Before buying a home together, an unmarried couple will benefit from seeking the guidance of an experienced Tennessee attorney. This insight may prove beneficial as a couple seeks to make smart and practical decisions as they move through the home-buying process. An assessment of the specific situation can reveal how they can protect their interests at every step.