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Leasing commercial property for a business

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2023 | Real estate transactions |

Locating the ideal property that is within budget and appropriate for the goals of a Tennessee business is not easy. It can be an overwhelming process, and it is not always easy to know where to start. While finding and leasing commercial property can be a complicated endeavor, it is helpful to know what to expect and to understand what steps are necessary in order to protect one’s interests.

Before signing on the dotted line

Businesses often struggle to locate the right property that will be suitable for their company’s needs, including their operations, customer expectations and more. There is much more involved with this process than simply finding a storefront and signing a lease. Recommended steps in the commercial leasing process may include:

  • Find the right location.
  • Tour the location with a contractor.
  • Submit lease offer to landlord.
  • Negotiate terms of the lease with the landlord.
  • Have lease reviewed.
  • Have final inspection of the property.
  • Sign the lease.

There is no one-size-fits-all commercial lease contract. Each business can negotiate terms that will be meaningful and practical for the individual needs of their company.

Assistance with the negotiation process

Negotiating the terms of a commercial lease can be difficult. A Tennessee business will benefit from having assistance as it walks through the process of locating commercial property and navigating contract matters. It will be helpful to seek the guidance of an experienced attorney before making a decision that could impact a company for years to come or agreeing to the terms of a lease.