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Current expectations for commercial real estate

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2022 | Real estate transactions |

There have been various factors that have impacted real estate over the last three years, including drastic changes in demand, skyrocketing prices and a pandemic. At the moment, rising interest rates are having a significant effect on property transactions, and commercial real estate is no exception. If a Tennessee buyer or seller is preparing to move forward, he or she will benefit from having reasonable expectations regarding what to expect at every step of this transaction. 

Lower prices, lower sales 

During the pandemic, demand for certain types of commercial properties was significantly lower. People began working from home, and companies changed how they were operating. In turn, fewer commercial properties were being sold. Now that much of life has returned to normal, demand for commercial spaces is not as high as it was in the past. In turn, this has led to a drop in prices for these types of properties. 

Statistics suggest that commercial property pricing is approximately 13% lower than it was in May. This downturn in pricing has affected everything from shopping mall properties to industrial buildings. This may be good news for buyers, even though interest rates remain high. 

Help when buying or selling 

Whether buying or selling, it will be beneficial to have the assistance of an experienced Tennessee real estate attorney. Legal guidance can reduce the chance of issues when navigating a commercial real estate transaction. Protecting one’s interests is critical at every stage of this process, and before agreeing to the terms of a contract or making other important decisions, it may help to seek an explanation of how one can accomplish his or her goals.