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Lenders, make foreclosure simpler with the right help

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2020 | Real estate transactions |

As a lender, you sometimes have to foreclose on properties when the owners do not pay on time for several months. It’s your right to take that property back and to attempt to get back the money you lent.

You know the importance of working with a strong legal team. Good representation means that you will be able to move through the foreclosure process easily and meet the deadlines and requirements set by law.

What are some things that your foreclosure attorney can help with?

A foreclosure attorney can help with a few parts of the foreclosure process including:

  • Completing title exams to identify any liens and the parties who may need to be notified that the foreclosure is going to take place.
  • Publishing the foreclosure in the appropriate newspaper for three weeks, which is a requirement of the state.
  • Going to the sale to make sure the client’s instructions are followed.
  • Documenting the conveyance of title to the new owner of the property after winning the property at the foreclosure sale.
  • Providing any current tenants with notice to let them know that they will need to vacate the property.

Foreclosing on a property can be tricky, and since it’s a complex legal process, it’s smart to work with someone who is familiar with the current state laws and the steps that need to happen to help your company foreclose on the property legally. Mistakes could slow down the foreclosure process, making it take even longer to get the money back that you lent to the borrower.

Our website has more on foreclosure and what you need to know as a mortgage lender that is ready to foreclose on a property.