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When can a buyer withdraw from a real estate sale?

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2024 | Real estate transactions |

Buying property may involve different steps and procedures necessary to keep the purchase financially and legally sound. It could be a significant commitment for the seller and the buyer. Because of the obligations and associated transactions, the entire sale can be lengthy and take a long time to conclude. If you are the buyer, it is possible to have a change of heart and want to back out of the contract even after placing an offer on the property.

Fortunately, the real estate purchase process is usually kind to buyers, allowing numerous opportunities to negotiate or decide whether to proceed with the sale. The timing and your circumstances could impact if you can back out with your deposit still intact, such as the following situations:

  • During the period allotted to review documents related to the property, such as condominium or homeowner association paperwork
  • When you discover severe issues after conducting a formal inspection of the property
  • The appraisal results had grave inaccuracies or problems, potentially affecting your access to funding through a lender
  • Other issues exist involving the lender, causing obstacles regarding financing
  • A title survey reveals significant details or legal issues

These scenarios can become windows for buyers and sellers to renegotiate and adjust terms established beforehand.

Understanding what is riding on the real estate contract

No matter how thorough you are when reading or preparing the real estate contract, you can still face complications depending on what happens next. Sometimes, unexpected issues can arise and impact the process, risking legal problems and disputes. To address these scenarios, seeking legal counsel could be beneficial even before initiating the sale. Having an experienced party review the paperwork and guide you through each step could give you the confidence to decide whether to back out of the contract or move on to the next steps.