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Is it a good time to buy or sell a home?

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2023 | Real estate transactions |

A real estate transaction is a major legal and financial decision that could impact someone for years to come. A potential buyer or seller will benefit from carefully considering this option before moving forward. Making a poor real estate decision could result in complications and frustrations for years to come, as well as the potential for financial loss. Some potential buyers or sellers in Tennessee may be wondering what the market is expected to look like for the remainder of 2023.

Wait or move forward?

For the last few years, home prices have been high. This is good for sellers but makes the home-buying process more complicated for potential buyers. However, for the second half of the year, prices are expected to come down a bit. It is estimated that rental prices may also come down, which is good news for someone needing quick housing solutions.

While prices may be lower, there could be fewer houses for sale. This may make it difficult to find a home that is suitable for one’s budget, and there may be more people competing for the same properties. Whether buying or selling, it is crucial for a buyer or seller to protect his or her interests.

How to shield financial interests

Whether in a sale or purchase of a home, it is beneficial to have assistance at every step of the process. Working with a Tennessee real estate attorney can help one prevent complications at every step, including during contract negotiations. It will be helpful to seek an assessment of one’s legal options before making an important real estate decision.