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Will it be cheaper to buy a home next year?

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2023 | Real estate transactions |

When considering the purchase of residential property, one of the most commonly cited factors in the decision is the price. The price of a home is likely one of the primary reasons why a Tennessee buyer makes an offer, and for many, the high cost of houses over the last few years has proven to be prohibitive. Thankfully, there are reasons to believe that the costs of homes could go down in 2024. 

Is it better to wait? 

The thought of lower home prices may be exciting for prospective buyers, but is that a reason to continue to wait to make that decision? Waiting for a more affordable home may seem practical and financially prudent, but it is not necessarily the smartest choice. Buyers may also be waiting to see if mortgage rates will also drop along with average home prices.  

However, there is no guarantee that mortgage rates will drop, and while housing prices are dropping, that does not mean that the prices of a specific home will be lower next year. If a Tennessee buyer has a specific home in mind, it may be prudent to move forward in order to avoid missing out. If mortgage rates do go down, demand could rise, possibly leading to higher home costs. 

Making the best decisions 

There is no perfect time to buy a home. A buyer will benefit from speaking with an attorney who can provide insight into how to protect one’s interests at every step of the real estate process. Whether buying a home this year or next, it is important to consider all legal and financial implications before moving forward.