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Common disputes between landlords and tenants

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2023 | Real estate transactions |

Owning rental property can be a lucrative endeavor, but it can also be costly if issues arise between the owner of the property and the tenant. Property owners have rights, as do tenants, and there are times when there is confusion where one party’s rights end and the other party’s begins. Landlord-tenant disputes can be costly and complicated, and it is often necessary to secure legal guidance to reach a beneficial resolution. 

Tennessee property owners and rental property managers have certain duties they owe to tenants, including maintaining a safe environment. Landlords will benefit from understanding their legal requirements, and tenants will benefit from understanding their entitlements as renters. An understanding of these things will provide reasonable expectations and may reduce the chance of conflict. 

Issues that may arise 

Just like tenants have an obligation to pay their rent, landlords also have a legal obligation to their tenants. One of the most important obligations that landlords have is to make sure that rental properties have proper running heat in the winter, working appliances and structural integrity. Typically, serious issues, such as lack of heat, should be addressed within 24 hours, and others should be handled within 48 hours. Landlords must keep the premises of the rental property in habitable condition, as well as conduct maintenance in a timely manner. 

If the landlord does not meet his or her obligation to the tenant, there could be legal and financial consequences, such as termination of the contract. Likewise, if the tenant does not make his or her rent payments as outlined in the rental contract, the landlord may be able to move forward with the eviction process. In a situation where one party infringes on the rights of the other or violates the terms of the contract, it could be necessary to take legal action to resolve the dispute. 

 Resolving a landlord-tenant dispute 

In order to resolve any ongoing issues between a landlord and tenant, it may be necessary to seek experienced counsel regarding your legal options. Whether you are a landlord seeking to evict a tenant, or you are a tenant who wants to hold a landlord accountable for unsuitable conditions in a rental, it will be helpful to have support in the pursuit of your best interests.