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How homeowners can address disputes over zoning designations

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2021 | Real estate transactions |

There are specific factors that may affect how an owner can use his or her property. Zoning designations impact what one can do with land or a building, and there are times when zoning laws may be seen as unfair or unreasonable. Disputes and complications over zoning can lead to issues for a Tennessee property owner and possibly even the need to pursue a legal resolution to the situation. 

What do zoning designations mean? 

Zoning designations determine what one can do with his or her property. The intent of specific designations where certain types of buildings and business operations are allowed is to protect property value, shield agricultural areas and more. Examples of types of zones include: 

  • Residential  
  • Industrial 
  • Commercial 
  • Agricultural 
  • Mixed use 

These specific designations mean that a business cannot build in the middle of a residential area, or an apartment complex cannot go in the middle of an agricultural zone. While zoning laws do provide protection, they may also sometimes unnecessarily infringe on the rights of a property owner. An owner has the right to seek a specific permitted use or pursue the steps necessary to change the zoning designations. 

An understanding of property rights 

If a Tennessee resident has concerns about what he or she can do with property, it may be helpful to speak with an experienced real estate attorney. A legal ally can provide helpful guidance when there are issues over zoning designations. Before buying land or making plans to alter property, it may be helpful to seek an assessment of the individual situation.