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Assistance with negotiating a commercial lease

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2021 | Real estate transactions |

It can be difficult to locate an acceptable commercial property in the right location and for the right price. That’s why it’s tempting for a Tennessee business owner to act quickly after finding a space that will suit the needs of his or her business. Before signing a lease agreement, it is important to know what should be in a commercial lease and how to negotiate terms that will make sense long-term for both parties.

What’s in a lease?

A landlord can have a standard lease agreement, but a tenant can negotiate terms to ensure the security of financial and legal interests before signing. Some of the specific terms that should be in any commercial lease include:

  • Amount of rent and the potential for rent increases in the future
  • Payment of utilities and what is included with rent
  • Financial responsibility for repairs needed to the commercial space
  • Ability and responsibility for making important changes to the space
  • Penalties for early termination of the lease and the potential for subletting

The more thorough a lease agreement, the less likely there will be problems between the landlord and the tenant. Many disagreements and disputes can be avoided by clarity in the original agreement.

The company’s interests

A tenant in a commercial space rightfully wants terms that will make sense for his or her Tennessee business. When considering this, it is helpful to seek a final agreement that will make sense now and in the future. A thorough commercial lease will protect the interests of both parties.