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Tax Sale Redemption, Claims for Excess Proceeds — Memphis Lawyer

Crislip, Philip & Royal has years of experience in representing clients who have lost their home in a tax sale. Whether you are trying to redeem your property from a tax sale or are making a claim for recovery of the excess proceeds resulting from a tax sale, Crislip, Philip & Royal can help. The law provides very strict timelines and procedures that must be followed in any matter involving a tax sale.

The lawyers of Crislip, Philip & Royal have assisted numerous clients over the years and their knowledge can be a great asset in guiding you through this process. Initiating proceedings that involve tax sales often times involves the court system, numerous governmental agencies and third party purchasers and can be very confusing and overwhelming to someone who is not familiar with the process.

Losing your home or losing the opportunity to collect a large sum of money can have devastating effects and you should seek the assistance of a professional to protect all of your rights. To discuss how we can help you today, please contact Crislip, Philip & Royal .

What is required to redeem my property?

  • You have from as little as 30 days to as long as one year from the date the Order Confirming the Tax Sale is entered with the court to file a Motion to Redeem.
  • The time limit varies based on certain factors including the length of time the property taxes were delinquent prior to the sale.
  • The exact time limit should be noted on the Order Confirming Sale.
  • You must pay the taxes owed at the time of the sale, plus 12% interest to the purchaser, court costs and any other reasonable expenses of the purchaser expended for the welfare and maintenance of the property.
  • Once you have redeemed your property you will receive an Order Redeeming Property that should be recorded in the county register’s office and you will have to pay the recording costs and state transfer tax.

What is required to make a claim for excess proceeds?

  • You must file a Motion to Claim Excess Proceeds and pay any court costs that may be required. You must serve a copy of the Motion on any interested parties and allow them an opportunity to respond. The court will then set the matter for a hearing before the Chancellor and, barring any complications, will enter an Order allowing the Movant to claim the excess proceeds."
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