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A divorce is not the ending that a hopeful couple expects on a happy wedding day. Unfortunately, marriages fall apart for many reasons. A husband, a wife or both spouses who decide that a marriage is essentially over soon realize the need to talk to an attorney. If you still hope to salvage your marriage somehow, we encourage you to work with a respected marriage counselor.

When Should You Seek a Divorce Attorney?

If, however, the handwriting is on the wall and you have concluded that your Tennessee marriage is inevitably headed for divorce court, we advise you to discuss with an attorney how to plan for divorce. You can prepare to protect your best interests by inventorying assets, making copies of important financial documents and gathering evidence of your involvement in your children's lives before you leave the marital home.

Tennessee Family Law Firm at Your Service

Tennessee residents who seek out the experienced counsel and representation of Crislip, Philip & Royal discover the benefits of the law firm's client-oriented approach. Our divorce attorneys are prepared to guide you adeptly through all issues related to a contested or uncontested divorce, including property division, spousal support, marital dissolution agreements and parenting plans.

Property Division

Our Tennessee divorce lawyers can help you uncover and bring to the table hidden assets of your spouse. Is your husband or wife understating his or her income or keeping offshore savings accounts? Talk to us about how to ensure fair property division in your Tennessee divorce. Marital property — including tools, antiques, jewelry and household goods — should remain in the house until a property division agreement is settled.

Collierville, Germantown, Somerville Alimony Attorney

Spousal support, or alimony, is determined based on a number of factors such as age, education, employment, length of marriage and whether a person stayed at home as homemaker. The award may be lump sum or periodic payments for a set period of time.

Marital Dissolution Agreement (MDA)

A marital dissolution agreement is a cost-effective way of ending a marriage when spouses agree on most terms. The MDA provides for the division of property acquired or gifted during a marriage and separate property owned prior to marriage. The MDA also addresses debts, credit, retirement benefits, alimony, and health insurance benefits.

Parenting Plan

A " parenting plan" is another term for child custody and visitation. In spite of the turmoil of separation and divorce, we believe that both parents usually know what types of child custody and visitation arrangements are in the best interests of their children. Memphis divorce attorneys at Crislip, Philip & Royal can help you reach an agreement that will satisfy the family law court, preserve parent-child bonds and be acceptable to both parents — if not ideal. Contact us to discuss your concerns and the likely best solutions to child custody issues in your case.

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